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BALLance First USA
Teacher Training for
Pilates Instructors  $399
January 20, 2023 12-7 pm


BALLance Classes 
Mondays 2pm
 - 3:15pm
Virtual or In Person $45


Meet Dr Tanja Kühne from Germany. She has devoted 12 years of her life to back health research. As a result, she has come up with the BALLance Dr Tanja Kühne Method.  


BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne Method offers you a simple method for decompressing the spine with a safe and immediate effect for your customers, members or patients. Out of kyphosis, the spine is straightened by working on its myofascial tissue. This ensures immediate pressure relief in the back as well as in joints, internal organs, vessels and nerve tracts.


You will feel the difference in your spine after one session.  There are many positions to use this method to bring balance back to the spine, hips, shoulder girdle and more. 

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