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Private Classes & Semi Private Class Options

Private, Duet & Semi Private Pilates Sessions 

At Grasshopper Pilates we focus on Private & Semi Private Sessions so you can get your most out of your workout. 

Sessions Rates with Gina Papalia:

Studio Owner/Master Instructor

$160 Single Private Session  or $1,500 for 10 Sessions  

          Duets $90 Single Session or $85 with a package

          Semi Privates $80 Single Session or $75 with a package 

Session Rates with other Amazing Instructors:

Private Sessions  $140 Single Session or $1,350 for 10 sessions

Duet Session*  $80 Single Session - $750 for 10 sessions

   Two Clients with one instructor. 

Semi Private Session* ($75 Single Session - $700 for 10 sessions  

Three or four people with one instructor.  

 **For Duet and Semi Privates,  bring your friend, partner, co worker, or we can introduce you to new pilates buddies to sweat along with.


Note: Appointments necessary. All sessions 50-55min (Prices Do Not Include Service Tax)

* Participation in duets & semi privates require prior Pilates machine work. We suggest a minimum of 5 private sessions before      you  can be introduced into a duet or semi private. Your instructor will evaluate & suggest an appropriate schedule to fit your    needs. Safty  is our first concern. 

   All Packages can be used with privates, duets and semi privates - like a debit card. 

**All Cards Expire in 4 months from date of purchase.

24 Hour
Cancelation Policy​

You must cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment or class reservation. If you fail to cancel in time, you will be held responsible to pay the session in full. No exceptions.

All cards expire in 4 months.


                      1 Session: $160 and up

                           Master teacher: $200 and up


Workout in the comfort of your own home or personal gym with one of our expert teachers. You don't even need a reformer, a few simple props will be enough to get your pilates grove on and workouts flowing! 

Virtual training available 

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