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Change Happens Here.

Interested in learning about your body? Tired of dealing with injuries that make no sense?  Pilates and awareness bring change.  Are you ready? 

Classical Pilates Studio in
Soho, NYC

At Grasshopper we focus on

Privates, Duets & Semi Private Sessions.  

Get the most personal attention in your session.



Gina incorporates Stecco Fascial Manipulation sessions in addition to Pilates for a global approach to bring change and balance.

Turn Your Passion into a Career

The Pilates Standard
Comprehensive  Teacher Training
January 2024

The Pilates Standard
Teacher Training 
@Grasshopper Pilates
& Nexa Studios 


"10 Sessions - Feel the difference.

20 Sessions - See the difference. 

30 Sessions - Have a new body."


Joseph Pilates  Promise

Bob Liekens & Me

FOLDING REFORMER has arrived! 
Book your appointment!

What's your story going to be? 

Challenge yourself, change your story.

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