Bob Liekens & Me



The Pilates Standard

"10 Sessions - Feel the difference.

20 Sessions - See the difference. 

30 Sessions - Have a new body."

                                              Joseph Pilates  Promise

New Client Specials!

3 Private Sessions for $345  *(value $390)  

    Give Pilates a try.

 Private sessions are extremely important to a beginner or a pro who wants some fine tuning.

  *Above offer can not be used with Gina.

BALLance Workshop

Dr Tanja Kühne Method.  

Thursday March 4th, 1:30-3:30 pm EST.  

           $65 Workshop Fee

           $235 Ballance System Cost 

You can order the balls and have them sent to your home to do the workshop with us.  Recording available for 3 days.(If for some reason they don't work out for you.. you can send the system back for a refund - minus shipping and the cost of the workshop.)

                                      Workout with the owner of Grasshopper...
 I have been teaching pilates for over 24 years & I love what I do!  I'm a mom of 2 kids & a retired dancer. I enjoy working with beginners & challenging the pros! Send me an email about privates or classes, virtual or in person.  I look forward to working with you. 
           My Best,

Zoom Recording is available with viewing for 3 days at your convince.  $85 (3hrs) 

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TPS:Reformer on the Spine Corrector Workshop 
Good news.... 

Magic Circle Tuesday's 1pm EST.

Click here to receive link and pay $25