Love Thy Self for 14 Days
A gift YOU deserve.
February 1-14Th 2022

Join me for 14 days straight from the comfort of your own home.  

14 Pilates sessions ranging from 20-40 minutes. 

All levels, with options for modifications & challenges.

Tips to keep you motavated, focused on loving yourself, and daily intentions all about you. 

Optional Zoom in or receive the recording in your in box. 

More infomation coming soon. 

xx Gina

Heart Tattoo
Workout with the owner of Grasshopper...


 I have been teaching Pilates for over 24 years & I love what I do! I am a mom of 2 teens & I am a retired dancer. I enjoy working with beginners & challenging the pros! I am also certified in Stecco Fascial Manipulation Level II. With my Pilates background & FM certification, I will do a full assessment on your first session of your body's strengths, needs, imbalances, & discuss your goals. Looking forward to meeting you in the studio. 

      My Best, 


"10 Sessions - Feel the difference.

20 Sessions - See the difference. 

30 Sessions - Have a new body."


Joseph Pilates  Promise


The Pilates Standard