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The Studio

Located in our new home in the heart of Soho, in a beautiful loft that is a fully equipped classical Pilates studio.  The studio has been designed with a clean, simple modern sensibility that enhances the old-fashioned charm of a Soho loft space. The ambience at Grasshopper Pilates Nyc is warm, gracious and welcoming, and the workouts are functional, serious and challenging.

Our Teachers

At Grasshopper we have a wonderful group of classically certified pilates instructors with loads of experience and expertise. From Pro-Athletes, ballerinas, moms to yoga instructors, our classically certified Pilates teachers will be able to appeal to your needs and help you reach your goals. Grasshopper Pilates was created to help people learn about their bodies, recognize their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. We want the clients to feel better about themselves and help them reach their goals while providing a grounded, supportive and fun workout atmosphere to achieve it in.  


Sessions & Rates

Grasshopper Pilates is a boutique studio that offers only Privates, Duets, and semi privates.  

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