BALLance: The New Concept of Training for Spine Health
New Date TBD JUNE/ JULY 2022 Grasshopper Pilates NYC.

Would you like to experience a new training program that will improve the health of your back?  Let us introduce you to a simple and effective Ballance System created by Dr Tanya Kuhne using basic exercises that will decompress your vertebrae, improve your range of motion, effect lung capacity and general overall health.  Proceeds from this class will benefit Ukranian Pilates professionals in their effort to support Ukraine's effort to defend democratic values on behalf of the civilized world


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 I have been teaching Pilates for over 26 years & I love what I do! I am a mom of 2 teens & I am a retired dancer. I enjoy working with beginners & challenging the pros! I am also certified in Stecco Fascial Manipulation Level II. With my Pilates background & FM certification, I will do a full assessment on your first session of your body's strengths, needs, imbalances, & discuss your goals. Looking forward to meeting you in the studio. 

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"10 Sessions - Feel the difference.

20 Sessions - See the difference. 

30 Sessions - Have a new body."


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